A Ragtag Daily Prompt

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Oh, to be a ballerina! Is there anything more graceful?

I have always wanted to be one for as long as I can remember. Their grace, femininity, and flexibility are all the qualities I wanted for myself. And they get to wear tutus. Pretty, flouncy, tulle skirts.

The only thing I have in common with a ballerina is height. At 5’10” I am the perfect height to play the part. Unfortunately, I have a large frame that is more in line with a lumberjack than the graceful form of a dancer.

But a girl can dream. If I ever find an adult ballet class who knows what might happen. Anything is possible.

3 thoughts on “Graceful

  1. When my daughter was five, and taking gymnastics classes, she always envied the little girls in pink going to ballet class. So she stopped gymnastics and started ballet. After a couple classes, she asked me, ‘When do we do the jumps?’ Turns out she liked the athleticism of gymnastics but the cute pink outfits for ballet. She did not like the idea of actually being a ballerina, though…

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