A Ragtag Daily Word Prompt

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The virus of hatred sits dormant in all of us. It waits to be fed and as it feeds, it grows. All it takes is one thought.

We dwell on that one thought and then we start talking. And as we talk, we find people with like-minded thoughts.

That is the point when hatred goes viral. And just like a virus it infects the host and everyone it touches. It spreads. It eats us up, and makes us feel worse, even when we feel justified.

Justified or not, the cure is the same. When we have a hateful thought we need to let it go. We can choose not to dwell on it. We can choose to bless the object or our thoughts and release it.

I need to follow my own advice: bless it and release it. Then I can start feeling better and use my time to focus on productive pursuits that don’t involve hate.

Hate is never a good thing.

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