You are My Sunshine

A Ragtag Daily Word Prompt

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I grew up on a grape farm that my grandfather owned. My uncles were his partners. It seemed that every morning I would see my Uncle Art as I was leaving for work. He would greet me with “Good morning, Sunshine!”

My Uncle Art was my favourite. He was the one who teased me when I lost my two front teeth. When he saw me he would start singing, “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth.” I felt special.

As a child I got a lot of cold sores. Uncle Art had to ask me who I had been kissing. I would giggle. I loved the attention he gave me.

As a child I often felt ignored by most adults. I grew up in a time when children were seen not heard. It was different with Uncle Art. He always took the time to acknowledge the presence of me and my siblings.

He always made me smile. Whenever I saw him my day was a little brighter because of him. What Uncle Art didn’t know is that while he called me Sunshine, he was mine.

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