A Ragtag Daily Prompt

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I discovered during this time of panic and chaos that I’m really good at self-isolation. I’ve been doing it for years.

Aside from my daily trip to Tim Hortons, I make a trip to Shoppers Drug Mart a couple of times a week. I get my prescriptions filled, stock up on household items and buy groceries. I occasionally go to the grocery store, but I find the vastness of them to be overwhelming.

Once a month I pick-up dog food, visit the dollar store, and meet up with my kids or friends once in awhile.

The only change I’ve made is how long I clean my hands. Cleaning my hands is something I’ve always done, although I am guilty of not washing them long enough. Now I sing the alphabet song slowly as I wash.

Washing our hands is our best defence and it is something we all can do.

Stay safe, stay calm, and keep your hands clean.