Countless Branches

Ragtag Daily Prompt

Photo by pepoo__ 0 on

Countless branches; boney, gnarled fingers reaching for the sky.
Waiting for the sun to warm their cold dry bones.
Longing for renewal.
Expecting new life to begin.
Spring is here.

3 thoughts on “Countless Branches

  1. Such a lovely dramatic photo. Spring is most definitely here. Our local weatherperson said our temps are 10-15 degrees higher than previous years. It’s like we’re heading into summer already. Not ready for it!

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  2. Spring’s here, alright, BUT ONLY ON THE CALENDER!! Maybe if this latest (hopefully last) half-foot of snow finally melts away, and the “light” coverage the weatherman’s forecasting proves to be a false alarm…maybe then we can get rolling.

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