The Abstract Concept that is Covid-19

A Ragtag Daily Word Prompt

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The Covid-19 facts are there in black and white: 3,000,000+ cases, 200,000+ deaths. Each number representing one person. On an individual basis, death is not abstract. As we look at the vast number of Covid-19 cases it is impossible to imagine so much disease and destruction.

For each statistic there is a grieving family forever changed by this silent killer. The numbers boggle the mind. How do we even begin to comprehend what is happening around the world? We can’t.

Maybe that is why there are conspiracy theories circulating. Our minds fill in the blanks trying to make sense of something that is impossible to control. A conspiracy theory is easier to believe in and deal with than reality.

If the devastation is created by a person or an administration then we can arm ourselves to fight back. We can take a stand. We no longer have to worry about becoming a victim.

Good and evil are abstract concepts that we can understand. An invisible enemy cutting down people across all classes, colours, and belief systems leaves us feeling helpless. It’s better to fight an enemy we know than one we don’t.