The U.S. Government is in Shambles

A Ragtag Daily Prompt

President Donald Trump Tweetstorm – The Saturday Edition – Deadline

He lies and denies, misleads and deceives. When the media asks relevant questions, he is condescending and rude, erupting in anger. He fires anyone that doesn’t agree with him.

His press conferences are erratic and inconsistent. He recommends people take hydroxychloroquine a drug unproven to be effective in treating Covid-19. This drug could have deadly side-effects.

In the beginning he said Covid-19 was a Democratic hoax. Then he called it the China Virus and said it would never come to America. When the States had 15 cases he could no longer deny it’s presence and told the American people that it was contained. When it started to spread he admitted it was deadly. And on and on and on.

At one point he was more interested in how Covid-19 was affecting the stock market. The virus raged. And still he did not take it seriously.

He is dismissive and will not take responsibility for anything. When asked about his part in all of this he gets nasty.

There is no leadership in the U.S. The country is in shambles and the American people will pay dearly for his ineptitude. They will pay with their very lives.