A Whimsical World

A Ragtag Daily Word Prompt

whimsical - Liberal Dictionary

She heard the sound of singing and laughter. Looking out on the street, she saws people dancing and hugging each other with joy. It was a time of celebration.

Last night she went to bed in a world of chaos and fear. The pandemic raged on and the death toll climbed. What a sad, hopeless time.

But to wake up to this glorious site was like being in a fairy tale. She watched in awe. What a serendipitous, whimsical moment was this. Life was tickety boo.

And then she woke up…

2 thoughts on “A Whimsical World

  1. I really like your cute little town! Ah, yes…if we could wake up tomorrow and life would be merry. But I’m thinking people’s tastes are changing — they’re starting to like cleaner air and less noise. I wonder if there’ll be some restrictions on the amount of travel we can do once we’re out and about again.

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