Quarter of a Century

A Ragtag Daily Prompt

Congratulations! You're a Quarter Century Old in Other Words Just ...

When I turned 25 I was working for Scotiabank as a teller. I was the youngest employee with the average age being close to forty.

The morning of my birthday was warm and sunny. As I drove to work I reflected on reaching this milestone in my life.

At work before we opened for the day everyone wished me a happy birthday. There was a card and hugs.

I marvelled, out loud, that I was now a quarter-of-a-century. I was feeling old. Narrowed eyes met my gaze. There would be no sympathy from this lot of much older (in my opinion) women.

‘I’m so old” they replied sarcastically.

“Knock it off! Wait til you’re my age and then we’ll talk about old”

“You’re a baby!”

I wonder, did they mean I was a baby because I was young or because I was whining?