Thingamajig: An Ode to Aging

A Ragtag Daily Word Prompt

Thing·a·ma·jig – definition

  1. used to refer to or address a person or thing whose name one has forgotten, does not know, or does not wish to mention.”one of those thingamajigs for keeping all the tools together”

Thingamajig Origins  

Early 19th century origin evolved from Thingummy (Late 18th century origin) which evolved from Thingum (Late 17th Century origin) which evolved from Thing (Old English origin, 6-9th Century). Comes from Old High German (ding) and Old Frisian (thing) and both had their origins in Norse.

Isn’t aging fun? The older I get the harder it is to remember the word that sits on the tip of my tongue. Hours after I need it, it pops into my head.

I live alone and if you were a fly on the wall you might hear me having a conversation with myself or my dogs.

“Where is the thingamajig?”

“Why can’t I remember where I put that whatchamacallit!”

“What is that doohickey called again?”

Then there are times where you can find me staring blankly into space as I try to recall a person, place, or thing. I’m not worried. This is a natural part of aging, unless my dogs start replying. Then I’ll be concerned.

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