Fibonacci Sequence: Like a Circle in a Spiral

A Ragtag Daily Word Prompt

The Fibonacci Sequence also known as the Golden Ratio or the Divine Proportion can be found in everything: animals, plants, humans, the universe, weather…

It is in us and around us. It is in microscopic organisms and in the vastness of the universe. Everything ever created has a common thread as if it came into being through intelligent design.

Whether you believe in God or not, the Fibonacci Sequence makes a strong case for divine creation. It’s hard to believe that such an intricate world is the result of a universal big bang.

For me, the Fibonacci Sequence is a confirmation of God’s touch on our world and in the universe. What a wonderous thing that is!

5 thoughts on “Fibonacci Sequence: Like a Circle in a Spiral

  1. I have always found the Fibonacci sequence and arcs interesting. Many years ago I was taking a course in Futures trading and for the commodities they look for Fibonacci arcs in the graphs of the price movements of the commodity. Amazingly enough it can be used to predict the prices and movements of the prices.


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