A Ragtag Daily Word Prompt

Teddy barks at everything! When I leave the house he barks and bounces off the walls and my legs in an attempt to get me to stay. He sees a squirrel or a bird and he tears after them barking like a lunatic.

People on the street? Someone at the door? He barks. Dogs and cats and kids. Yep, he barks. When his siblings bark he barks and looks around to see what they’re barking at. Sometimes you’ll hear me bark at Teddy to stop barking.

When my son would come home he barked at him like he was a stranger. Every. single. time. It drove my son nuts. I once asked the vet why he barks at my son when they live under the same roof.

He’s conflicted about his standing in the family. He comprehends that your son is a male. Teddy wants to be the alpha and sees your son as a threat.

Oh, Teddy, so much understanding for your tiny, pea brain. It must be tough being you. Always wanting to be the alpha with no chance of that ever happening.

Note: Teddy lives a comfortable life with three female dogs and me. He is forever hopeful that one day he will rule. He won’t.