Mama, they’re gonna kill me

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Up until yesterday I didn’t know that George Floyd called out for his mama just before he died. I was watching George Floyd’s son and his family’s lawyer being interviewed when it was brought up. He called out for his mama? He called out for his mama?!

In that instant it wasn’t George Floyd I saw under the knee of a cop it was my son, except it would never be my son. Like George Floyd my son is a gentle giant. In an article written by Emily Mee for sky news, George is described as a quiet personality with a gentle spirit.

George was a hard-working, fun-loving guy who loved people. He was a hugger and would give you the shirt off his back. The words used to describe George Floyd could also be used to describe my son.

I don’t know anything about George’s mama. What I do know is that she was a good mama to her son. Like most moms I imagine her heart filled up with love when she first held him in her arms. I know mine did. For her it must have been a bittersweet moment. Looking at her sweet baby’s face and thinking of the world he inherited. Wondering how she would prepare him for life as a black man. How do you prepare your child for that kind of life?

When my son was born there were no worries. I didn’t look down on him and wonder how I would prepare him for a life as a white man. I did, however, feel a responsibility to teach him and his sisters to be tolerant of everyone regardless of their differences. But I never had to worry about them being targets for someone else’s hate. They will never know what it is like to be hated for the skin they live in. I will never have to fear for their lives.

I most likely don’t have a lot in common with Mrs. Floyd but what we do share is a love for our children. There is something universal about being a good mom. We are fierce mama bears, our love is unconditional, our hearts swell with pride, and when our kids need us no matter how old they are, we are there for them.

How do I know Mrs. Floyd is a good mom? Because, during the last, tragic moments of George’s life, when he struggled to breathe, all he wanted was his mama.

Note: My apologies for not fact checking. George Floyd’s mother died two years ago. This was a gut reaction to a son calling for his mother. Thank you to Ruth for the correction.

4 thoughts on “Mama, they’re gonna kill me

      1. So sorry, I wasn’t meaning to correct you. I agree it’s awful, so sad to see this kind of thing happen time and time again and yet nothing changes… 😦

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