Bob’s Your Uncle

A Ragtag Daily Word Prompt

Prime Minister Robert Gascoyne-Cecil

The uncertain, yet common theory is that Prime Minister Robert Gascoyne-Cecil appointed his nephew to the position of Chief Secretary for Ireland in 1887. This surprising and unpopular act of nepotism caused people to wonder if his nephew was awarded the position on his merits or because Bob was his uncle. Read more on Wikipedia.

My ex-husband’s first name is Robert. From birth he was called by his middle name. As an adult he held a certain measure of disdain for the name Robert. In his mind he was not a Robert and he was certainly not a Bob.

When he was in earshot I would say,

“Bob’s your uncle! Wait. No he’s not, he’s my husband.”

It cracked me up every time I said it. My ex-husband? Not so much. There was something I would ask him that he found even more distasteful. If I entered the kitchen and he was struggling to reach something on the top shelf. Me, being the taller spouse would say,

“Do you want me to get that for you?” I reached up and grabbed it for him.

“There you go. Bob’s your uncle. Oh, wait, Bob’s not my uncle…”

Maybe there’s a reason he’s my ex.