A Ragtag Daily Word Prompt


a person who expresses opinions on matters outside the scope of their knowledge or expertise.

“most patients are ultracrepidarians when it comes to medicine”

There are a lot of armchair experts. The folks who know more than doctors, scientists, and epidemiologists. These conspiracists have convoluted theories with no basis in truth or science. They don’t have the education or the training to be consulted.

Who can blame them? After all, they follow the biggest ultracrepidarian of all, Trump their fearless leader. He ignores the wise counsel of the experts around him and opts for easy, ludicrous answers.

He said Covid-19 would disappear like magic. Hydroxychloroquine was the next magical cure followed by injecting disinfectant into the body. Then there was sunlight therapy. Lately, he believes that more testing equals more cases. Logic that makes you wonder how he could even say that out loud let alone think it.

While his base hangs on his every word and his staffers justify his inanities the rest of us shake our heads. We all wait and wonder what he will say next.

Trump fits the description of an ultracrepidarian, but isn’t that just a fancy word for windbag?

On facts and opinions I leave you with a video of the wise and wonderful Pluto!

5 thoughts on “Windbag

  1. I must look up this new word! I suppose most of us at times fit in this category, as it’s about impossible for one human to have a take on every aspect of the science, nature, world economy, etc. — but we all have opinions. (Which we hopefully are ready to change if more light is shed on the matter.)

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    1. Lois, so nice to hear from you. I’ve been a little off lately and thought I would take a break. I go through spells where my wish to write well is overshadowed by my insecurities.
      I’m hoping to be back in the saddle by August.
      Your message means a lot to me.
      Take care!

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