Facebook Fracas

A Ragtag Daily Word Prompt

Fracas: a noisy disturbance or quarrel

An unlikely place for a fracas would be facebook, a social media meant to connect people. A place where connections are made through written words and images.

Odd that on Facebook, a place where words are not spoken, a fracas of some sort plays out daily. An angry arena where we silently scream to make our voices heard. Poison flying from our fingertips.

No one can persuade us to change our opinions, yet we think we can change others if we just shout loud enough. Our argument falls on deaf ears.

There doesn’t need to be a fracas of frustration, bitterness, and hate. We can choose to explain rather than argue. It’s a productive way to be heard without the need to be right.

If we take the focus off our need to be right, Facebook can be a place where we explain our views calmly and with kindness. The ugliness disappears and the quarrel ceases to exist.

Without the fracas on Facebook, Facebook becomes a place of peace. A kinder, gentler place where we can meet and share. A place where we can connect.

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