Delight in the Little Things

A Ragtag Daily Word Prompt

Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music

I’m not a Pollyanna, but wouldn’t it be lovely to dance and twirl on a mountain top without a care in the world? To live for a moment in a place where all of the little things bring us delight.

Instead we’re living in a time of hate, negativity, and divisiveness. It’s easy to get caught up in it. I wake up every morning telling myself that I will focus on what is good and then I get on Facebook and all of my good intentions fly out the window.

I want my intentions to become reality. To wake up without strife taking up space in my head. We’re all battle weary looking for a bit of sunshine, something to cling to during these dark days.

When I saw today’s word prompt I thought of Julie Andrews singing in the Sound of Music. I leave you with a song that makes me long for better days. This song is one of my favourites. Enjoy!

6 thoughts on “Delight in the Little Things

  1. I have relished in a certain delight with the news lately. I think everyone is a bit tired of Trump and his eternal “I won–by a lot.” Two different nights, two different networks have cut off his press conference as absolute rubbish. One was Trump himself, and the other was the little blondie (I call her Barbie) who speaks with/at the press. The newscaster said he could not ‘in good conscience’ listen to this talk about legal and illegal ballots, with absolutely no proof. Yes, a certain delight went through me….

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  2. FORGIVENESS is the answer for the whole world. Politics is but a temporary bandaid. hearts healed and then we will all dance on the streets which are golden, For now dance and sing. Thank you.

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