Blowing in the Wind

A Ragtag Daily Word Prompt

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Lately, when I’m on social media I feel like I’m blowing in the wind. It carries me from one post to the other. Some are funny, but it’s the polarizing posts that draw me. Those posts evoke strong emotions and always come with highly charged comments. It’s nasty comments that give me pause to share my own thoughts.

Recently, I came across a post that had a contrary thought and there were hundreds of replies that ripped this woman to shreds. Had I been her I would have crumbled under the unnecessary vitriol. Just reading it made my heart race.

I get to this point where I decide that I won’t share posts and I won’t comment and then something crosses my page and I have to share… Did I share too many posts? Was it too much information? Do I come across as needy? I give social media more power than I should. It blows me hither and yon like a dandelion gone to seed.

I compare Facebook to highschool, a time in my life that I didn’t enjoy much. I was luckier than those who felt like outcasts and suffered being bullied for being different. I was so mediocre that no one outside of my few friends noticed me. I was invisible, except for a time when I became the target of small group of mean girls.They weren’t physical, but we all know how hurtful words can be.

Ironically, on social media it is often the words not written that leave the deepest wounds. Sharing posts on Facebook that don’t get a ‘like’ or a comment feels like sitting in a room full of people who ignore you. Nothing says you don’t matter more than silence.

So, after dwelling on how Facebook makes me feel, I left a message that I’m okay, but I need a break. It feels good. It’s the first step in removing the harmful things in my life. It used to be that the winds of ill intent carried me through the pages of Facebook to places I didn’t want to be. Today, I release Facebook from my life. Let it blow in the wind far, far away.