Holding my Breath

A Ragtag Daily Word Prompt

I can’t breathe. It feels like I’m holding my breath until November when hopefully Trump is voted out.

Pro-lifers support Trump because he speaks out against abortion. They are blind to the fact that Trump is manipulating them for votes. He tells them what they want to hear for the sole purpose of winning their votes. Their votes matter more than the lives of the unborn.

He dehumanizes immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers calling them criminals, rapists, and dangerous thugs. He referred to them as an invasion as if they weren’t human at all. Children traumatized as they’re ripped from the arms of their parents and put in cages. Migrant lives serve no purpose other than to create a situation where Trump can enforce border security. Enforcing border security scores points with his base.

Trump comes down hard on protestors for Black Lives Matter, claiming that there needs to be law and order. His tough stance on protesting is a cover for his racist beliefs. His actions fuel the hatred that white supremacists have for black folks and incite hate crimes. His police state tactics are an attempt to further oppress black lives and to create a divide between races. He will never say that black lives matter, because to him they don’t matter.

During this pandemic, at a time when the US is the epicentre for Covid-19, he wants children to go back to school. If he cared for the lives of children he would wait until the number of Covid-19 cases had dropped significantly. Children’s lives don’t matter if it effects his bid for reelection.

When asked about Ghislaine Maxwell, a sex trade recruiter and sexual abuser of young girls, he wished her well. As a friend of Jeffrey Epstein, it wouldn’t be a stretch to presume that he is also a sexual abuser of children. Allegedly, he has been accused of raping a 13-year-old girl at one of Jeffrey Epstein’s parties. He has no regard for females in general. Women are objects to be used for the sole purpose of gratifying is sexual desires. How much less is the value of a girl?

Pandering to his base he speaks about the sanctity of life and decries the evils of abortion. The unborn are precious. Their protection equals votes.

Trump is a dangerous, reckless man who refuses to step up and lead his people. While he focuses on reopening the economy and appeasing his base the dead pile up. So many needless deaths because this war-time president refuses to fight for American lives.

A president who values the life of his fellow citizens would do anything necessary to protect them. His primary concern is his image and the support of his base with little regard for the rising death toll. In the end, the only life that has any value is his own.