Dear Pro-lifers

Years ago, I shared a post on facebook about animal cruelty. The response from my pastor’s mother was, “why are there all these posts about animals when no ones says anything about the unborn?”

My response was to question why we can’t be concerned with both issues. You can be against animal cruelty and for the rights of the unborn at the same time. It doesn’t have to be one or the other.

Recently, someone responded to my black lives argument with, “what about all the unborn black babies murdered every year?” Again, I can be against black men being needlessly killed and be for unborn black babies.

Some pro-lifers place more value on the unborn then on the alive. If you’re truly pro-life than all lives matter. A true pro-lifer won’t justify why black men are brutalized and murdered by the police. Even if the black man is a cop-hating criminal he doesn’t deserve to be judged, sentenced and put to death by a racist cop.

Pro-life means taking a stand for all lives. Black, white, and brown. If you are passionate about saving lives that have no voice then your passion should extend to other voiceless lives.