Goodbye, Empty Room

A Ragtag Daily Word Prompt

The last of the boxes were loaded. She entered the empty room for the last time, her gaze resting on the counter and the sink. How many times did she sit at that counter wishing she could leave?

Countless hours feeling like a prisoner in a house that never felt like home. Desperately wanting to leave and never come back. Hoping that one day she could escape her menacing jailer.

The manipulation and the mind games had worn her down. Exhausted she slowly put her plan in place patiently waiting for the perfect moment. Keeping her plan silent, fearing his temper, she lied to him to protect herself.

When the time came to say goodbye to this empty house she felt regret for a life that might have been and relief for the life that now was over.

She paused for just a minute, then turned and left the empty room, looking forward to a new life of peace and calm.