Entitled Sissy Society

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

You won’t wear a mask?

Canada once asked its citizens to step up and serve. Thousands of men enlisted during World War II to fight for freedom. Young men – sons, grandsons, brothers, and uncles signed up willingly and with pride. They fought so we would have the right to enjoy all of the freedoms we enjoy today. Today your country is asking you to do one small thing to help your fellow citizens. Is it too much to ask that you wear a mask?

Those men who enlisted were young and strong. They left for war eager and full of youthful optimism. Coming home was another story. Many came home with fractured minds and broken bodies, many didn’t come home at all. And you won’t wear a mask?

Canada is a land where everyone has the freedom to be who they are. Freedom that was paid for with blood. Our government doesn’t persecute us for our ethnicity, belief system, sexual orientation or opinions. We live in a country that encourages us to express and celebrate everything that makes us unique. In Canada diversity is a good thing! But you won’t wear a mask?

We live in one the best countries in the world. Our country takes care of its people. Before you argue that your taxes pay for this excellent care this is something to consider. If you had to pay for your healthcare alone it would cost far more than what your taxes would ever cover. We are well taken care of by our government. Yet, you won’t wear a mask?

It’s such a little thing. I don’t know when it was that we became this entitled sissy society. How did we go from a society willing to die for the right to be free to a society that takes a offence when asked to wear a mask?

The irony is that the Canadians that came before us paid for our freedom with their very lives just so we could refuse to wear a mask. Go ahead and refuse, protest, stamp your feet because your country is asking you to do one little thing that protects all of us. I want to know just one thing. What the hell is wrong with you?