A Ragtag Daily Word Prompt

Missy on the Deck in my Backyard

It’s a beautiful, sunny Spring morning. I’m sitting outside enjoying my coffee and the company of my dogs as I sit and write. I turned up the music on youtube so I can hear it outside.

Music can be calming, uplifting, energizing – there is a song for every emotion. It is an universal language. Maybe that’s why there are so many videos out there during this time of self-isolation.

While self-isolating, being outside is good for body and soul. I love taking the dogs for a walk. For the first time I’m able to sit out in the sunshine albeit while wearing my winter coat. The dogs are nearby, basking in the sun.

Our world has changed drastically, yet life goes on. The sun still shines, the seasons change, and the birds are singing. We are finding ways to be together while being alone. We are adapting to the new normal. There are people taking advantage, scamming, and hoarding, but they were always there. There are far more people reaching out with kindness and compassion to help in any way they can.

The frontline workers putting their lives at risk every single day to keep our lives as normal as possible. They are heroes.

It’s incredible to see how much the human body and spirit can take during a time like this. With thousands of tragic losses it’s hard to believe that life will ever get better. LIfe will get better. Until then we will bend, but we will not break. The human spirit has endured through wars, disasters, and pandemics. We will, in general, survive this.

This too shall pass. We will carry on. We will recover and life will once again return to normal. We are infrangible.

Until this is over I’ll be waiting in the sunshine with my music, my dogs and a great cup of coffee.

Stay safe my friends!