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Ragtag Word Prompt

After enduring a year-and-a-half of manipulation and control I found the courage to leave M, a deeply damaged soul.

It took months of planning, a consultation with a lawyer, and the encouragement of family and friends to finally leave. I could not have done it without them.

I often doubted myself. One minute I was determined to go and the next my resolve waivered. My closest friends must have been frustrated by my lack of action. I was so uncertain.

During that time I fought my fear, anxiety, and depression to stay focussed on my final goal. My goal was to leave safely and with as little drama as possible. Timing was everything.

My planning paid off and I was able to leave without getting hurt. I had a lovely home to go to in a nice neighbourhood with friendly neighbours.

In the end I was surprised by my strength and resilience as I moved forward into a new life. Free from the monster I left behind.