A Ragtag Daily Word Prompt

Gord Harry Conservation Trail

The stillness of a melancholy winter’s morning restores my soul. In this sanctuary of nature there is rest for a weary spirit and hope for a troubled mind. In this time and place the cares of the world vanish. There is nothing but this moment.

A dusting of snow covers the ground. The crisp, fresh air invigorates and brings a rosy glow to cheeks. All is quiet except for the crunch of snow underfoot and the snuffles of my curious four-legged companions. In the newly fallen snow are the trail are signs of other visitors seeking the company of solitude.

Missy, Lady, Teddy, and Pumpkin

Along the trail there is the sound of gurgling water. A bird flies overhead. The trees beckon the sun to warm their bare branches. All is calm. My soul is at peace.