Delight in the Little Things

A Ragtag Daily Word Prompt

Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music

I’m not a Pollyanna, but wouldn’t it be lovely to dance and twirl on a mountain top without a care in the world? To live for a moment in a place where all of the little things bring us delight.

Instead we’re living in a time of hate, negativity, and divisiveness. It’s easy to get caught up in it. I wake up every morning telling myself that I will focus on what is good and then I get on Facebook and all of my good intentions fly out the window.

I want my intentions to become reality. To wake up without strife taking up space in my head. We’re all battle weary looking for a bit of sunshine, something to cling to during these dark days.

When I saw today’s word prompt I thought of Julie Andrews singing in the Sound of Music. I leave you with a song that makes me long for better days. This song is one of my favourites. Enjoy!