The Nacre of Life

A Ragtag Daily Word Prompt

Old Women with Young Hearts

Dancing and singing, they frolicked in the sun. Their joy reminiscent of younger days. Beneath the surface of age spots and wrinkles lurked the memory of young girls full of vitality.

Young faces framed with braids, bright eyes, smooth skin, and innocent smiles. Their giggles and squeals could be heard while they pretended to be grown-ups. Days filled with school and friends and new experiences. Their world was small and sheltered. An entire lifetime was waiting for them.

Only with time; decades of love and loss, joy and heartache, pain and sorrow, would the nacre of life experiences turn them into pearls of great value. Years of living reflected in dimming eyes, faded hair, and a bounty of wrinkles. Their faces a testament to a lifetime of trials and triumphs.

They were survivors. Their bodies belied the strength, wisdom, and spirit gained from years of living. Comfortable in the knowledge that life is precious they lived every minute to the fullest. Their hearts, forever young, had not forgotten how to play. So, with memories of long ago, they laughed and danced and remembered a time long ago when they were girls.